Be the Best GF for Him With Your Lingerie

Lingerie, a simple thing which can make all the differences on the bed. If you want him to remember you forever during your intimate moments together, be sexy and get nasty. So here, we will help you with the “sexy” part with those tips on lingerie. Enjoy!

Don’t buy it expensive:

Yes, all of us know that lingerie can be a little bit expensive, so that if you know how to play the game, your boyfriend will rip it off right away when you get in a closed room. So, forget about Victoria’s Secret line and buy it, instead, from a lingerie wholesale supplier. But, snap a little photo before for you to remember how hot you were in lingerie.

If you’re a beginner, start with the beginner set:

If you have never worn a sexy lingerie before, start with a classic one. A lacy nightgown is already sexy! You don’t have to wear nipple tassels at first if you’ve never done that.

Embrace your femininity with lace:

Every woman looks gorgeous with lace. It’s a go-to if you’re afraid to make the wrong move. It creates the illusion like you’re totally naked so that you stay covered in different areas of your body. And it’s the feminine touch which will make your boyfriend fall for you.

Ashamed of your belly?

Here is the solution: babydoll lingerie. This type of lingerie covers perfectly well your belly. You can even opt for a corset to give yourself the hourglass figure. Forget it and just accept your body as it is if you don’t feel comfortable inside those sexy outfits.

A little tummy?

If you have a little tummy, you can wear high cut undergarments. Yes, they are back and are not considered as “granny panties” anymore. They are so comfy and practical, yet still give you this sexy style you’re searching for. And don’t forget that these high-waisted briefs make a perfect shape for your booty.

Choose red or black:

Every woman looks amazing in black or red lingerie. That’s the secret behind those magazine covers. So for you to make sure to make him fond of you, choose one of those colors.

Put high heels:

Lingerie always looks complete with high heels. Match their color to your underthings and you will look great.

Play it like in the movies:

You know the scene where the actress drops the trench coat to turn on right away her partner once they’re in a room, it works as well in the real world. Now, the question is to know if you’re adventurous enough to do that.

Don’t over complicate it:

You can be sexy in a completely different lingerie set than what stars or famous actress wear. Don’t always refer to those who you might think has the perfect body to be sexy. You’re sexy in your way too. Just take lingerie as a costume and play with your character and stay confident in yourself.